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Plyomaster Revolution Vert Builder


Wow! This is something entirely different from what we use to know. A complete revolution totally different from the normal bodybuilding routine under fitness instructor; where you undergo strenuous exercise for almost half your entire years before getting the right shape you desire. The PlyoMaster program is the best program that develops that superman spirit in you. A heroic aspect of you that allows you to jump higher without a gym.  

Are you an athlete who desire to develop your jump height without a gym, do you find it difficult jumping so high to win your score, what are those negative statements made by your coach or friends about your jumping skills, are you ready to do something about it? If yes. I guess you are at the right place to get the best ideas and information on how to radically increase your jumping high skills. Jumping and jumping high is a different ball game entirely. Imagine what jumping a foot higher would do to your game. So the question you have to ask is: How bad do you want it? Meet Kurt Hausheer the plyomaster programmer. A professional trainer that delivered tips on how to increase your jumping power without sustaining injuries.


Remember, exercises that increase your vertical jump make you better in all sports, but that's not the only reason for that to walk along with Kurt’s. The program offered by Kurt’s also increase the amount of muscle you add to the whole body; making you stronger and healthier. Have no doubt about Kurt Hausheer. For over 10years, he has developed and evolved these jump training programs and assist athletes of many profession to achieve incredible results while discharging their duty. He is also a trained professional in tips delivery that works without stress. Today, the most available and effective jump training program available can be gotten from PlyoMaster. The institute that know the master art of sprinting.  

WHY SHOULD I EXPECT FROM KURT’S Vert Builder Pro is more than just a set of exercises; developed by one of the best jump coaches in the world after decades of extensive testing and refinement, based on real-world data, in collaboration with one of the country's leading neurologists. Effective jumping training is not just about muscle strength. It's also about technique, neurology and paying special attention to the things that make the difference. Like the rapid contraction of muscle fibers, the myelinated jaw and the development of the nervous pathway. Without going into the underlying science of why it works, know that Vert Builder Pro is based on factual results. Vert Builder Pro is how it works.This program includes over 40 high-quality exercise videos showing how right they are, why they are important and what to expect. Athletes who run this program and follow the five guidelines for Kurt's success regularly earn a profit of 6, 8 and even 12 inches. He has just developed products and methods that allow the rapid development of an individual's vertical leap. The first results exceeded one inch of earnings per week (on average, all participants). The product test under development pushes profits per week above 2 inches. We currently provide patents, prototypes and video training sessions. Also be assured that this additional prototype for complete production of resources, and these training methods are available for these advocates in advancement of physical and sports skills to their full potential.


If you want to enter your next stages of gaming, your knees and ankles are the keys to jump over and reach the desired goal. The vertical jump includes a "triple extension" that completely extends the ankles, knees and hips. Although three key parts are involved, you can contract the muscles around the ankles and knees faster and harder while stretching. A good high jump is good for all your players. This will help your team gain more jumps, blocks and steal points. This will also allow some (or more) players on your team to improve on their collective effort in basketball and volleyball, which will increase the confidence and enthusiasm of your team and make the game more entertaining!If you're wondering if you want to even increase your high jump, you'll be happy to know that with proper training, it is definitely something we can assist you to achieve. Kurt’s have been developing this program for a few years and have seen great improvements in the ability to skip on those who followed it.


Taking measurement relieve great details about the position or status of an object. If you are an athlete and you can devise a means to understand or measure the development from the initial reading and finale reading of your routine. Then it is an exercise to futility. That is the reason why Kurt has finally designed a system on how to carefully measure jumping skill development. The first step in your journey to increasing your vertical jump is to get a starting point of where you currently started. Keeping track of your progress is the best idea.

Here's how to do the things you need:

Request the presence of a friend to assist you, a ladder and a permanent marker or chalk.

  1. Find a wall or column high enough so that you cannot touch the top when you jump.
  2. Find yourself near the column or wall and extend your hands as high as you above your head. This is your constant reach. Let your friend label your constant range with a piece of chalk or a permanent marker.
  3. Now, from a stable start, jump and play as much of the wall or posts as possible. You will need your friend to see and see where you play so that there is no confusion. Let your friend climb the ladder and mark where he could go to the wall.
  4. Measure the distance between your reach and the jump range. This is your current vertical jump.


Perform the routine every day and give your body rest in-between workouts. This means that in a week, you’ll be training 4 times per week. That ends up being 11 workouts per phase for a total of 33 workouts in the program. Also, during this program you will be taking one week off between each phase to let your body completely recover. You need to give your muscles time to fully repair in order to grow stronger and more explosive.


The Drive Step

Improve the technical step by increases the height of your jump regardless of muscle strength.

Quick Twitch Muscle Growth

Rapid growth of muscle contraction fibers is necessary to increase explosive movements.

CNS (Central Nervous System) Honing

Proper formation of CNS and dense alignment of Myelin allows faster muscle transmission of the brain, improves muscle response time.

Increased Flexibility

Increased range of motion allows your muscles to benefit from increased power during pretreatment

Proper Spine Alignment

Correct alignment of the spine helps increase your power while jumping and eliminating unnecessary "migration" during activation is also essential to ensure their safety during training

Posterior / Anterior Balancing

Balancing the back and front maximizes the activation of the jump symmetry

Exercise/Sport Transference

Executing sports-specific exercises that can be transferred directly into the game increases performance when counting

Full Body Muscle Group Connection

Connect upper and lower body muscle groups with integrated fluid movement to increase the efficiency of the entire body of the jump

Technique Refinement

The exact form is necessary for the full realization of the vertical potential and the assurance of its safety

Leg, Back, Chest, Arm and Shoulder Muscle Development

Training the right 5 key muscle groups for jumping so you do not get drunk with the neutral muscles needed to maximize your verticality


  1. Over 40 Exercises in High-Quality Video
  2. Descriptions and Walkthroughs of Each Exercise
  3. Printable Workout Tracking Guide
  4. Printable Program Guide
  5. Explosive exercises that target your Legs, Arms, Back, Chest, Shoulders and Core.
Plyomaster Revolution Vert Builder
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