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A lot of people go through their daily lives in hypnotic fuzz, an automatic response to cognitive pathways pre-programmed by past and what they have learned from others or figures of authority, for instance, take an everyday task that you do, do you do it automatically? Taking a shower, most people are in there and thinking of all the problems of tomorrow and back out again without ever once living in the moment of what just happened. That is why you need a mindfulness course from the reset button to make you take life in your stride, focus on what matters, and reclaim the happy life you deserve. Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, without judgment or condemnation. It’s being able to be in the moment all the time, not living in the past or future, in turn this stops worry and eases anxiety, having this as a tool is critical in today’s society and in modern is also being able to identify your emotions consciously and allow them in instead of fighting with them prolonging stress. If you would like to experience:

  • Less anxiety
  • Decreased stress
  • Less worry
  • Better relationships
  • Happier mood
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved focus
  • Increased sense of wellbeing.

Then this program is just for you.

The Mindful Reset is based on a scientifically proven method using mindfulness for creating powerful and long-lasting change. By taking this course, you will learn methods to help cope with thoughts and feelings that are stopping you from being the most focused, happy and healthiest person you can be.

What Does This Course Contain?

If you apply for this course you are going to get;

  • Full 8-week programme following the scientifically proven method for effective change.
  • Online lessons available on your smartphone or your computer.
  • Guided mindfulness practice changing weekly.
  • Access to course for six months.
  • Full support from your teacher throughout.
  • Access to a shared weekly forum.

For you to fully benefit from this course so that you can achieve a more mindful life will need to follow the five weekly steps which are:

  1. Watch the video lessons.
  2. Do the daily mindfulness practice.
  3. Complete the reading.
  4. Try the habit reset.
  5. Write in your journal.

This program also changes its contents each week to guide you through your mindfulness journey. You can always ask the teachers questions at any time in the ‘’ask the teachers’’ section. You are also provided with inspirational videos each week to keep you motivated in continuing your training. The course is less time to consume, approximately 2 hours per week learning, plus 20 minutes of a daily practice of guided meditations six of seven days per week.

About The Teacher

This course is been created by the team behind the ultimate health destination reset button retreat. The teacher of this mindfulness course is Dr. Jess Bigogno. Jess Bigogno qualified as a psychologist in her home city of London in 1996. She then went on to work in the stressful world of marketing and business for several years before returning to psychology and retraining as a psychotherapist.

Having practiced mindfulness herself for some time, she realized how powerful the therapeutic benefits were. She since furthered her specialism in order to incorporate it into her therapy with fantastic results.

She has since worked with thousands of people ranging from a group, individual, private and corporate settings to help them to turn their lives around. The work is based around the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programmes. Both programmes have been rigorously tested by scientists across the globe. They have been incorporated into hospitals, the military, the government and major private organizations such as Google.

When choosing to participate in this course, self-pacing and judgment are

Encouraged and are essential.

With the Mindful Movement practice, there is a very small possible physical risk of strain or muscle injury and each individual is responsible for not going beyond her or his comfort. Participants are encouraged to take care of themselves by acknowledging their limits without overwhelming their body.

Some participants may experience increase in pain, depression, or anxiety within the first few weeks of the course as they begin to look at as opposed to look away from aspects of their lives they may have been unwilling to explore in the past. You are encouraged to take care of yourself and seek help from a professional psychotherapist if you feel that you are becoming overwhelmed and that it is not getting better. In general, depression, and anxiety have been found in the research to be reduced by the end of the course

The mindful reset is digital and can be utilized anytime and anywhere in the world.this.100% money back refund is offered by the mindful reset which means that they give only reliable and legal program.

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