Failure To Sense Pacemaker

Artificial Pacemaker Rhythm

Rate: Va

ies according to preset pacemaker rate

Rhythm: Reg

ular for asynchronous pacemaker; irregular for demand pacemaker

P waves: No to spi

ne produced by ventricular pacemaker. Sinus P waves may be seen but are unrelated QRS. Atrial or dual-chamber pacemaker should have P waves following each atrial ke.

P-R interval: No at

ne for ventricular pacer. Atrial or dual-chamber pacemaker produces ventricular spike onstant interval from P wave.

QRS: Wi ele atri

de (>0.10 sec) following each ventricular spike in paced rhythm. Patient's own ctrical activity may generate QRS that looks different from paced QRS complexes. If ally paced only, may be within normal limits.

Single-Chamber Pacemaker Rhythm—Atrial

m 1


pcemaker Ispika



Pacemaker Spikes

Pacemaker Malfunctions


Failure to fire

Pacemaker spikes are absent. The cause may be a dead battery or a disruption in the connecting wires.

Failure to capture

Pacemaker spikes are present, but no P wave or QRS complex follows the spike. Turning up the pacemaker's voltage often corrects this problem.

Failure to sense

The pacemaker fires because it fails to detect the heart's intrinsic beats, resulting in abnormal complexes. The cause may be a dead battery, decrease of P wave or QRS voltage, or damage to a pacing lead wire.

Y Clinical Tip: A pacemaker spike — a mark on the ECG projecting upward or downward from the baseline — indicates that the pacemaker has fired.

Y Clinical Tip: A pacemaker is said to be in capture when a spike produces an ECG wave or complex.

Pacemaker Failure to Sense

Failure Sense Ecg



Pacemaker Failure SenseFailure Sense
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