Examples of scientific dishonesty in medicine

Three of the cases,2 where the original Danish committee found scientific dishonesty, are summarised as follows:

Case 1 - The author of a paper published in a Nordic journal discovered an abstract on MEDLINE with an identical title and data. The abstracted paper originated from a foreign journal. Plagiarism was established, and the paper was retracted. Later on, more than 20 papers were found to have been plagiarised by the same person, who was dismissed from his professorship.

Case 2 - A senior registrar published research results from his work at a clinical department without the permission and knowledge of his superiors, and he included them as authors without their knowledge. The registrar was dismissed.

Case 3 - An American information company offered a Nordic expert the authorship of a completed review paper recommending a certain drug. The company was wilfully dishonest since it attempted to give the impression that the review was impartial, and because it broke the rules for authorship (ghost authorship). The name of the company was disclosed in the committee's yearly report.

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