The prevalence of scientific dishonesty in Finland

In 1998, the Finnish universities and research institutes handled six new cases of suspicion or accusation of scientific dishonesty. In 1999, the number of new cases was 19, and in 2000, 10. Between 1994 and 1997, 12 new cases were reported. So far, 47 cases have been reported. In eight cases, scientific dishonesty was revealed. Whilst the number of accusations and suspicions has increased dramatically during the 1990s, the proved cases of scientific fraud or misconduct are very few (approximately one per year). Specification of cases according to accusation is given in Table 8.1.

Though the proportion of the number of cases handled by the Council to the number of cases handled by universities and research institutes has decreased during the past few years, it is too early to say how effectively the decentralised system works.

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