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Sexual Attraction to Patients

Sexual attraction to patients seems to be a prevalent experience that evokes negative reactions. National survey research suggests that over four out of five psychologists (87 percent) and social workers (81 per cent) report experiencing sexual attraction to at least one client (Pope et al., 1986 Bernsen et al., 1994). As Table 13.3 illustrates, therapists identify many aspects of patients that, according to the therapists, are the source or focus of the attraction. Yet simply experiencing the attraction (without necessarily even feeling tempted to act on it) causes most of the therapists who report such attraction (63 percent of the psychologists and 51 percent of the social workers) to feel guilty, anxious, or confused about the attraction. That sexual attraction causes such discomfort among so many psy- Sources Social work data are from Bernsen, A., Tabachnick, B. G., & Pope, K. S. (1994). National survey of social workers' sexual attraction to their clients Results, implications,...

Courtship And Mating Systems Courtship

The specific motor patterns and physical displays associated with courtship behavior vary among livestock species and can also vary among individuals within a species. Some individuals may display frequent precop-ulatory behaviors, whereas others may attempt to copulate with little or no courtship. Detailed descriptions of courtship displays of domesticated animals are avail-able. 1 In many nondomesticated species these displays serve to regulate species recognition and ensure reproductive isolation bring males and females into close proximity synchronize the pair to bring about sexual readiness and lead to actual fertilization or copulation. Breeding practices extending over many generations in domesticated species have modified the selective pressures that influence the frequency, but not necessarily the form, of courtship displays. In intensively managed livestock systems, animals that mate quickly with few precopulatory courtship displays may have been selected as the preferred...

Empirical Studies

Thus, the deviant fantasy was paired with two powerfully aversive images. In combination with the covert sensitization procedures, the client was allowed to expose himself two times per week at home with his wife. This private exposure was always followed by either masturbation or sexual intercourse without deviant fantasies. Also, the client was instructed not to masturbate unless his wife was present, so that nondeviant sexual fantasy and behavior could be promoted. A posttreatment follow-up indicated that the subject had not publicly exposed himself for 2 years. It would seem that the treatment rendered the exhibitionism appropriate, and even socially acceptable, since it occurred in the privacy of the home. Interestingly, the couple even reported that their sex life improved following treatment.

Courtship and Marriage

Today young people are likely to choose their own partners, with sexual attraction and love playing a strong role and premarital sex likely. They may elope or the young woman may just move into her husband's house. If the family accepts her presence, the couple are considered to be married, though bridewealth is likely to be negotiated at some point and the birth of children makes the relationship stronger. With the traditional ceremonies no longer being performed, the couple may choose to have a church wedding or a civil wedding before a magistrate.

Freuds Doctrine Of Catharsis

The Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) argued that all animals, human and nonhuman, are born with powerful biological urges, in particular aggression instincts cf., Freud's notions of sexual instincts, libido, and component instincts as any of the basic elements of sexual instinct as defined by instinctual sources, instinctual aims, and instinctual objects and his dual-instinct theory -posits that humans act primarily in terms of pervasive instinctive drives toward both love ( eros ) and aggression ( thanatos ) . The aggression instinct creates a drive to engage in acts of aggression that must be satisfied. Through the operation of a type of pressure-building mechanism, the instincts create an uncomfortable tension within the individual that must be released, often in the form of overt acts of aggression. According to Freud's instinct theory, the way to curb violence and other antisocial aggressive acts is to find nonviolent ways...

Personality Differences by Gender

Whenever men and women engage in casual flirtations the gender traits are dramatized and exaggerated, and they strive to present an image that the opposite sex finds most attractive. Outside the sexual context (in their interactions with siblings, parents, classmates, and the public at large), men and women are more prone to assert non-gender-relevant traits. It is in these contexts that women do not, nor are they expected to, act timid, passive, mild, or coy likewise, men are not expected always to appear confident, ambitious, and work-oriented. The central difficulty for individuals, of course, is living in social settings that are devoid of the other gender's participation.

Symptoms Of Depression

The primary emotional symptom is a profound sense of sadness and low mood. Irritability, frustration, and anger often accompany this low mood. Cognitive symptoms include a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, worthlessness, and guilt. Depressed individuals often have difficulty concentrating or making simple decisions. Physiological symptoms include changes in appetite and sleep, fatigue, and concerns about aches and pains. Diminished sexual interest is also commonly reported in depressed individuals. Behavioral symptoms include decreased activity, often the result of anhedonia, which is the loss of interest in and an inability to derive pleasure from activities that previously were interesting and pleasurable.

Smell And Sexual Arousal

Freud, almost a hundred years ago, in Civilization and Its Discontents recognized the relationship between olfaction and sexual arousal. He suggested that to remain a civilized society we had to repress our olfactory instincts, otherwise humans would walk around sexually excited all the time (9). Freud, followed by Bieber and later analysts, delineated the connection between smell and sexual development (10). This linkage indicates a specific point in time in the development of Oedipal conflicts. When children recognize the smell of the same-sex parent and the scent of the opposite-sex parent, they learn to dislike the smell of the same sex and transfer positive feelings toward the smell of the opposite-sex parent (11). This establishes a psychodynamic interrelationship between smell and sexual identity. The transfer of emotions to a parent's odor imbues sexual meaning to otherwise inert odors (12). In those who are unable to work through this phase of Oedipal development, fetishes...

Courtship and Marriage Courtship

Persuade the girl to meet him elsewhere for a tryst, but success was unlikely. If the relationship developed into a strong romantic attachment, the boy asked his father and other close males relatives to visit the girl's family formally to propose marriage. Boys tried to act out their sexual desires, while girls were expected to resist and remain virgins until married. If caught in an apparent tryst, and even if sexual intercourse has not occurred, a couple will often be pressured by their respective families to marry in order to prevent scandal. As an alternative, a compensation payment may be demanded by the girl's side for damages caused to the reputation of the girl and her family.

Increasing Arousal Through Misattribution

In a series of studies, subjects have been exercised, and then with short, moderate, or long delays, they have been confronted with an emotion-inducing situation. For example, in one study subjects were confronted with a confederate who angered them, and they were given an opportunity to retaliate. The consistent finding is that subjects in the middle group act and report feeling stronger emotional feelings (see Zillmann, 1983, for a review). Those in the long delay group have no arousal remaining those in the short delay condition have presumably plenty of arousal but are also very clear about its source, namely, the exercise. Zillmann has also demonstrated excitation transfer from exercise to sexual attraction. A second large group of misattribution studies have focused on sexual attraction. Berscheid and Walster (1974) proposed a Schachterian arousal theory of passionate love that the feeling of passionate love was rooted in the experience of arousal in the presence of an...

Inbreedingdepression Theory

With their immediate children) is embedded in a universal principle practice that is difficult, typically, to explain. However, the following incest taboo theories have been offered to explain the phenomenon the functional theory - holds that the taboo creates and maintains networks of social relationships that are necessary to prevent societies from disintegrating into separate nuclear families this theory is based on the debatable assumption that without the incest taboo, people would normally want to mate with close relatives also, this theory fails to account for reasons why the taboo governs sexual intercourse rather than marriage the inbreeding-depress-ion theory -states that the practice of inbreeding results in the genetic deterioration and elimination of any society allowing it because deleterious recessive genes are more likely to flourish, and the taboo may have evolved via the principle of natural selection however, this viewpoint does not answer the questions as to why...

Puberty and Adolescence

As indicated above, in most parts of Igboland initiation rituals that marked the transition from child to adult (usually occurring at or shortly after puberty) have been abandoned in the wake of formal education and conversion to Christianity. Related to the growing duration of time between puberty and marriage, the concept of adolescence seems to be of recent origin in Igboland (Ottenberg, 1989). Though gendered differences in appearance and behavior are apparent in childhood, they are more significantly marked after puberty. As young people's bodies develop and become more sexually dimorphic, cultural inscriptions of gender difference are also made more elaborate. In adolescence, relations between males and females become obviously stylized in terms of sexuality, and this emphasis on sexuality seems to be part of a process that fixes gender more rigidly. Interestingly, in many secondary schools sexual maturation is marked by relaxed rules of dress and hairstyle. For example, as they...

Neurosteroids and GABA

GABA is involved in the actions of neurosteroids, which are steroid hormones that are synthesized in the brain and are particularly relevant to reproductive behavior and stress responses. Neurosteroids can enhance GABA release. For example, some GABAer-gic neurons are stimulated by testosterone, via androgen receptors, and may mediate the action or secretion of other hormones. GABA can affect lordosis, the steroid-modulated behavior exhibited by sexually receptive female rats. GABA facilitates or inhibits lordosis depending on the specific region of the brain that is stimulated.

Consistency of Communication

The third consideration invites the clinician to review the course of therapy from the start to the present Has the therapist consistently and unambiguously communicated to the patient that sexual intimacies cannot and will not occur, and is the contemplated action consistent with that communication Does the contemplated action needlessly cloud the clarity of that communication The human therapist may be intensely tempted to act in ways that stir the patient's sexual interest or respond in a self-gratifying way to the patient's sexuality. Does the contemplated action represent, however subtly, a turning away from the legitimate goals of therapy

Scenarios For Discussion

It has been an extremely demanding week, and you're looking forward to going to the new movie with your life partner. The theater is packed, but you find two seats on the aisle not too close to the screen. You feel great to have left work behind you at the office and to be with your lover for an evening on the town. As the lights go down, you lean over to give your partner a passionate kiss. For some reason, while kissing, you open your eyes and notice that, sitting in the seat on the other side of your partner and watching you, is a therapy client who just that afternoon had revealed an intense sexual attraction to you. Finally, Sal leans back in the chair and imitates the sounds. They build quickly to a very high pitch and loud volume. They sound exactly like someone becoming more and more sexually aroused and then experiencing an intense orgasm.

Cultural Construction of Gender

Some of the features associated with sexual attraction are applied regardless of gender (physical beauty understood as firm fat bodies and fair supple skin and olfactory appeal derived from washing frequently and wearing perfumes and flowers). Nonetheless, a variety of visual and performative clues were and continue to be used to construct gender contrast (see Ferdon, 1993 Handy, 1923 Suggs, 1966).

Lotzes Theory Of Local Signs

In general, two contemporary notions of love that may, or may not, carry sexual connotations are internal feelings of strong liking affection for some specific thing or person, and enduring sentiments toward a person providing a desire to be with that person and a concern for the happiness, welfare, and satisfactions of that person. An earlier conception of love, however, seemed strongly to imply a sexual component a feeling or sentiment of attachment toward some person, often growing out of sexual attraction, relations, or situations, and exhibiting a great diversity of psychological and physiological manifestations cf., the Coolidge effect - named after the 30th American president John Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) and based, perhaps fictitiously, on a semi-salacious joking interchange (concerning the mating sexual behavior of roosters) between Coolidge and his wife - refers to the high continuous sexual performance shown by males of many species for extended...

Massai Girls Masturbate

To the Maasai, sexuality is a physical act (erepa, to cling ) between men and women, or between girls and adolescent boys. Homosexuality and masturbation are virtually non-existent. In fact, the former is an act beyond their comprehension. Whenever the topic is discussed, it raises vehement reactions. Masturbation is practiced by young uncircumcized boys they are also said to relieve their sexual urges by copulating with donkeys. However, these acts are considered to be activities of children and beneath the dignity and pride of adult Maasai. The Maasai have a rationale for the early sexual debut of girls. They claim that the semen of the morans helps, and is in fact almost a prerequisite for, girls to reach maturity and develop their breasts. Thus the young unmarried men have a direct role to play in women's physical development and achievement of fertility. In comparison, the uncircumcized boys, who are often far beyond puberty when they undergo the surgical operation, do not have...

Chlamydia Trachomatis

Routine screening of asymptomatic, sexually active adolescent females undergoing pelvic examination is recommended. Annual screening should be done for women age 20-24 years who are either inconsistent users of barrier contraceptives or who acquired a new sex partner or had more than one sexual partner in the past 3 months. II. Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea has an incidence of 800,000 cases annually. Routine screening for gonorrhea is recommended among women at high risk of infection, including prostitutes, women with a history of repeated episodes of gonorrhea, women under age 25 years with two or more sex partners in the past year, and women with mucopurulent cervicitis.

Husband Wife Relationship

Husbands and wives in villages often married because of earlier government policies that required it. The couples who married several decades ago seem to have settled into a living pattern that publicly resembles the relationship between brothers and sisters. They may be platoni-cally affectionate, but may have separate sleeping areas and will not publicly display romantic or sexual interest. They generally consult on some household decisions and not on others. Women and men work in single-sex groups, and help each other as needed.

Alternative Behavior Completion Superior to Aversion Relief in Compulsive Gambling

Alternative behavior completion was evaluated in relation to an aversive procedure in compulsive gamblers rather than subjects with compulsive sexual urges, because the outcome in most gamblers could be checked with their partners independently of their self-reports. Their self-reports were obtained in interview by an assessor blind to the nature of the treatment. McConaghy, Armstrong, Blaszczynski, and Allcock in 1983 reported the outcome of 20 gamblers randomly allocated, 10 to alternative behavior completion and 10 to aversion-relief. At 1-year follow-up significantly more subjects (7 of 10) receiving the former treatment showed reduction of gambling urges and behavior than did those (1 of 10) who received aversion relief. A 2- to 9-year follow-up of these and additional gamblers was subsequently reported in 1991. Their outcome was also checked with partners when possible, as well as in interview by an assessor blind to the nature of the treatment. Again a significantly better...

Change in Attitudes Beliefs and Practices Regarding Gender

Households, nurturing family ties, and raising children to be Spaniards. Extended kin groups are as important as ever, or possibly more so, and social ties to groups of like sex are significant in all lives and in the social structure. The concerns for personal appearance and the stylistic differences that make women feminine and men masculine persist, as do concerns for collective judgments, consciousness of local and regional roots of individuals, families, and traditions, a generally Catholic cultural heritage, and the insistence on the importance of maintaining marital partnerships in the face of changing circumstances.

The Erotic Appeal Of The Rival And The Attraction To Couples

There is occasionally a shocking piece of self-discovery for participants in triangular love relationships a deep sexual attraction to their rivals. This may be manifested only in apparently inexplicable dream fragments or flash fantasies. The negative Oedipal complex and a homosexual longing for the rival often come into play in the context of love triangles.

Theories on the Cause of Homosexuality

Proponents of biological theories of homosexuality have claimed support for their view from various findings. First, precursors of the reproductive organ systems of both sexes are present in the both male and female embryos. Second, various conditions related to sexual differentiation are thought to support the role of biology in determining sexual orientation. For instance, androgen insensitivity syndrome results from an inherited defect in the receptor molecule for testosterone in persons with this syndrome testosterone has no effect on any of the target tissues. Individuals with this condition appear to be women and most often are attracted to men. Individuals with congenital adrenal hyperplasia experience abnormally high levels of circulating testosterone during embryonic development. As a result, genetic females develop masculinized genitalia. The condition 5-alpha-reductase deficiency results in the absence in genetic males of the enzyme required to develop external genitalia....

Their Nature and Extent

Date Rape and Acquaintance Rape on College Campuses. A study of students at 32 American institutions of higher education showed that 28 of the women had experienced a rape or rape attempt since age 14, and that 8 of the men admitted having committed at least one rape (Koss, Gidycz, & Wisniewski, 1987). Investigating a fraternity rape at the University of Pennsylvania, Sanday (1990b, p. 9) argued that sexual aggression is the means by which some men display masculinity and induct younger men into masculine power roles. The campus party culture that encourages group sexual aggression against lone college women promotes their seduction with alcohol and drugs, defines a drunken woman as asking for it, and labels men who object to this kind of behavior as wimps and faggots (p. 11). The community supports such behavior. The Penn case settled out of court and the fraternity house closed for one semester. Some fraternities are more dangerous for women than others. Boswell and Spade (1996)...

Female Attractivity Proceptivity And Receptivity

Behaviors performed by the female that bring the male into closer proximity and maintain his proximity and sexual motivation in order for mating to occur. Finally, receptivity describes the behaviors and postures exhibited by a female that allow successful intromission and intravaginal ejaculation to occur. Production demands and housing systems can interfere with the expression of female reproductive behavior. Studies aimed at learning how physiological and environmental signals are integrated could improve reproductive performance.1-10-1

Bearable Electrical Aversion in Treatment of Homosexuality

Presented in forward and half in backward conditioning paradigms. Subjects' penile volume responses were recorded throughout all procedures. No penile response conditioning occurred to the slides of women in the positive conditioning procedure although unconditioned penile responses continued to occur to the slides of males throughout treatment. Also there was no difference in the changes in sexual interest or behaviors reported by the men who had received the positive conditioning in a forward as compared with a backward paradigm. It was concluded that the positive conditioning procedure had no specific therapeutic effect but acted as a placebo therapy.

Freuds Theory Of Personality

Pleasure is gained by activity in the oral cavity cf., the oral-sadistic phase of the later oral stage, suggested by the German psychoanalyst Karl Abraham (1877-1925) in 1924, corresponding to the teething period and characterized by biting, as opposed to sucking in the earlier oral stage some psychoanalysts - such as Melanie Klein (1882-1960) - reject Abraham's distinction between the early sucking and later biting phases of the oral stage, and declare the oral stage to be sadistic from the start where aggression, theoretically, forms part of the infant's earliest relation to the mother's breast the anal stage, where successful toilet training must occur for one's proper socialization (and where imperfect negotiation of this stage leads, theoretically, to the anal triad of the three personality traits of parsimony meanness, obstinacy, and orderliness - sometimes called the three Ps parsimony, pedantry, and petulance cf., cloacal cloaca theory - an infantile birth theory and sexual...

Sexual Orientation Theories

Homoeroticism homosexuality theories. The concept of sexual orientation refers to the focus and direction of an individual's sexual interest. Heterosexual orientation is sexual attraction to members of the opposite sex gender homosexual orientation is sexual attraction to members of one's own sex gender and bisexual orientation is sexual attraction to both sexes genders. Historically, the German physician, sex researcher, and homosexual Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935) supported some hormonal theories of homosexuality that led others to attempt unsuccessfully to cure homosexuality with hormone injections he also endorsed the Urnings theory (i.e., a theory dealing with the issue of men who are sexually attracted to other men) of the German jurist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895) who argued in 1864 that Urnings are hermaphrodites of the mind. Whereas Ulrichs asserted that the Urning disposition is natural and inborn, later authorities - such as the German physician Richard von...

Reproduction And Development

Each ejaculation releases 2 to 5 mL of semen, the fluid containing the sperm. Semen normally contains between 20 and 100 million sperm per milliliter. The sperm consists of a 5-p.m head containing the nucleus, a midpiece containing mitochondria, and a 55-p.m-long flagellum, or tail, which can propel the sperm at a speed of 1 to 4 mm min. The seminal vesicles and the prostate gland produce much of the liquid that makes up semen, which includes fructose to provide energy for the sperm, and alkalinity to counter the acidity of the vagina. When the male becomes sexually excited, nerves of the autonomic nervous system produce dilation of arterioles in the penis, causing blood to enter that organ faster than it can leave. This causes the erectile tissue to become engorged, causing an erection. The male then inserts the penis into the female's vagina in the act of copulation, injecting the semen by rhythmic contractions called ejaculations.

Changes in circulating androgens

The significance of changes in androgen secretion is a neglected area of female reproductive ageing. One important study has documented a 50 fall in circulating total and free testosterone concentrations in normal regularly cycling women between the ages of 20 and 40 (Zumoff et al 1995). This has been postulated to reflect declining levels of adrenal androgen precursor secretion. Across the menopausal transition itself, studies from the authors' laboratory indicate that there is no significant change in the circulating concentrations of total testosterone, whilst there is a fall in sex hormone binding globulin and an increase in free androgen index (Burger et al 2000b). Studies from other investigators suggest that there may be a further increase in circulating androgen levels in the late 50s and 60s (Laughlin 2000). The precise consequences of these changes in androgen for womens' health in general are unknown. On the other hand, loss of androgen as may occur following ovariectomy...

Theoretical Bases

Although there is some evidence that covert sensiti-zation may lead to a favorable outcome in patients with addictions and deviant sexual interest a number of theoretical issues remain unresolved, which cast doubt on the presumed theoretical underpinnings of covert sen-sitization. First, although scene presentation in covert sensitization includes aversion relief, the addition of this component to the overall effectiveness of the procedure has not been evaluated. Moreover, Emmelkamp and Walta found that the effects of covert sensitization could better be explained by cognitive factors such as outcome expectancy than by conditioning. In their experimental study, half of the participants (smokers) were led to believe that they participated in an experimental study on the physiological effects of imagining smoking scenes, whereas the other half were informed that they received a bonafide treatment. All participants were treated with covert sensitization. Only the smokers who expected...

Other Cross Sex Relationships

Mothers' brothers are gentler in exerting authority over their sisters' daughters than their sisters' sons. Fathers' sisters (women of the father's clan) are often close to their brothers' daughters and may be their confidantes, but they have a special relationship to their sisters' sons. This involves the pretense of sexual interest and romantic feelings. There are many jokes and much teasing about a man's aunts, the English word used for these kinswomen. He is expected to flatter them and make them feel loved and attractive.

Gender Roles in Economics

The necessity of sexual desire for the continuance of society brought with it jealousy, worry, and adultery, which caused numerous social problems. Oral history documents that in the last underworld men and women disagreed about important aspects of their joint lives. The powers of sexual attraction, in one form or another, played a fundamental role in the initial dispute that took place between First Man and First Woman (O'Bryan, 1956, pp. 6-7 Yazzie, 1971, p. 28).

Applications And Exclusions

Alternative behavior completion does not appear to be used in North America despite the evidence from randomized control trials that it reduces the strength of compulsive urges to a significantly greater extent than electrical aversive therapy and covert sensitization. The latter finding was reported in 1985 by McConaghy and colleagues in the randomized controlled study of 20 subjects with compulsive sexual urges. In opposition to the methodologically faulty conclusion reported by Lich-stein and Hung, addition of nauseating aversive images did not increase the therapeutic effect of desensitization. The need for replication of the study was suggested on the basis that effective therapies not using nauseating images could be less damaging to the self-esteem of subjects treated. This has not been done and use of such imagery remains the preferred option outside Australia. The 1987 review by the Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Medical Association, which retained the term...

Sexual Performance Motivation And Stimulation Of Males

This variation in sexual performance has contributed to the need for animal scientists and producers to develop tests of sexual behavior in males. With animal agriculture the need still exists for males that express high levels of sexual activity. This is true for those used for semen collection and for those used for natural service. In natural breeding systems, males with high sexual performance and a combination of high sexual motivation and superior endurance, strength, and coordination will likely breed more females early in the breeding season. Males with lower sexual motivation and or low sexual performance will inseminate fewer females, thus either reducing herd production or extending the breeding season, as more estrous cycles will be required to impregnate the group. Sexual performance tests, also referred to as serving capacity tests, have been developed to identify and select high performers and to cull low performers. 3-5 These tests measure copulation frequency within a...


Brosnan I had a question about that experiment too. It is odd that they became more likely to choose the nice guy over time, rather than less likely. Based on my experience with chimps, I would have expected that by the fourth trial they wouldn't even pay attention to you any more since they weren't getting any food. Do you have any speculations on why this might be

Aversion Relief

Aversive conditioning is intended to produce a conditioned aversion to, for example, drinking or deviant sexual interest. Aversion therapy includes a variety of specific techniques based on both classical and operant conditioning paradigms. With aversive conditioning in alcohol-dependent subjects, a noxious stimulus (unconditioned stimulus, UCS) is paired with actual drinking (conditioned stimulus, CS) or with visual or olfactory cues related to drinking. A variety of aversive stimuli have been used, the most popular of which were electric shock and nausea- or apnea-inducing substances. Covert sensitization is a variant of aversive conditioning wherein images (e.g., of drinking situations or of deviant sexual stimuli) are paired with imaginal aversive stimuli. It is actually covert because neither the undesirable stimulus nor the aversive stimulus is actually presented, but these are presented in imagination only. Sensitization refers to the intention to build up an avoidance response...

Pleasure And Love

Pursuit of pleasure was acknowledged to be tempered by the reality principle. In this schema, love is seen largely as a sublimated expression of libido, or the sexual instinct, and therefore the pleasure connected with love is ultimately derived from the sexual instinct. But pleasure as a relief from tension is too narrow a definition to account for all the different forms of pleasure. C. S. Lewis distinguishes between two kinds of pleasure. He defines the first group of pleasures as those preceded by desire and realized by gratification of that desire. The pleasure that comes from the release of sexual tension would certainly be among this group, as would be the pleasure of drinking a glass of water when one is thirsty. The second group, however, consists of experiences that are pleasurable in their own right, without prior need or tension. As an example, Lewis points to the pleasure we take in the unexpected fragrance of flowers. This pleasure may be great, but it was unsolicited...

Sexual Issues

Sexual attraction to clients is a common occurrence for psychotherapists. Supervisors have an important ethical responsibility to ensure that the supervisory relationship provides a safe and supportive Supervisors bear the responsibility not only of seeing that such intimacies do not occur but also of ensuring that sexual issues arising in the therapy are addressed frankly, sensitively, and respectfully Students need to feel that discussion of their sexual feelings will not be taken as seductive or provocative or as inviting or legitimizing a sex-ualized relationship with their educators Educators must display the same frankness, honesty, and integrity regarding sexual attraction that they expect their students to emulate. Psychologists need to acknowledge that they may feel sexual attraction to their students as well as their clients. They need to establish with clarity and maintain with consistency unambiguous ethical and professional standards regarding appropriate and...

Historical Context

CONTRACEPTION IN LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY AMERICA. Victorian beliefs regarding sexuality accepted promiscuity as a fact of life for men who were either not expected to or were unable to control their sexual urges. Women, on the other hand, were expected to control or even deny their sexuality (Gordon, 1981). Prostitutes were a common and accepted solution to this dichotomy. Despite the view that female sexuality was viewed as inextricably linked to reproduction, contraception was widely practiced among all social classes. The methods of contraception varied by class, however, due to cost and availability. The upper classes were more likely to use relatively expensive methods of contraception such as condoms, spermicides, and douches. They might also have had access to diaphragms and cervical caps smuggled in from Europe at a high cost. Withdrawal and rhythm were often the only methods available to the poor. At a time when menstrual cycles were only partially understood, pregnancies...

Sexual Preferences

As noted earlier, sexual preferences have been the focus of behavioral treatment for the paraphilias since its inception. Procedures have been developed for both the reduction of deviant sexual desires and an enhancement of desire for appropriate sexual activities. While aversive conditioning procedures utilizing electric shocks or nausea-inducing agents to reduce deviant interests have lost popularity, similar procedures using foul odors or aversive imagery remain part of many CBT programs, although the evidence supporting their effectiveness is limited. Alternative procedures such as satiation therapy have somewhat stronger support and appear to produce a more enduring loss of interest in deviant acts. Many programs also employ pharmacological agents (e.g., antiandrogens or SSRIs) to dampen sexual drive, or provide greater control over sexual impulses, for those clients who have highly repetitive and strong deviant urges. Procedures for enhancing sexual interest in normative...

Windy Dryden

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) was founded in 1955 by Albert Ellis, a U.S. clinical psychologist. Originally trained as a psychoanalyst, Ellis was disappointed at the results he obtained from this form of therapy and after a period of experimentation in various therapeutic methods of the time, he brought together his early interests in a number of fields to form REBT. These fields included the practical application of philosophers such as Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, and Bertrand Russell who all stressed the importance of cognition in understanding human affairs and the work of the early behavior therapists such as John B. Watson and Mary Cover Jones whose ideas helped Ellis to overcome public speaking anxiety and fears of approaching women. Originally, Ellis called his approach Rational Therapy (RT) because he wanted to emphasize its rational and cognitive features, but in 1961, he changed its name to Rational-Emotive Therapy to show critics that it did not neglect emotions....

Marita P McCabe

Sexual arousal in women has been shown to be enhanced using arousal training. Marita McCabe and her colleague have suggested that training focus on both response imagery (that is, sexual fantasy which relates to the woman's own sexual responses) and stimulus imagery (that is, sexual fantasy which relates to sexually stimulating situations), as well as relaxation. Thus, arousal training needs to focus on both a woman's responses to sexual fantasy and her generation of sexually stimulating scripts in order to effectively increase her levels of subjective sexual arousal. They also suggested that arousal training should focus on strategies to decrease performance concerns, since levels of performance anxiety were inversely related to subjective sexual arousal.

Treatment Progress

The difficulties arose when goal 7 (in Table 2) was broached through explicit focus on treatment goal 8. Treatment session number six had ended with an assignment extending goal 2 into sexual interaction. The therapists designed the assignment carefully so it would be successful. On a given day, Bob agreed to come home by 5 PM., to shower, and to help Cindy feed and bed the kids by 8 PM. That would leave about 3 hours for them to have a nice, jointly prepared dinner, to relax for awhile, and then to engage in a pleasurable sexual encounter. The therapists suspected that if major resistance were going to emerge, it would be associated with movement toward increased intimacy (i.e., confronting the risk of rejection) through a sexually oriented assignment. Their concerns were well founded. Possibly giving off mixed signals, after dinner the two combined to fail the assignment. Bob started to watch the news on TV waiting for Cindy to initiate the romance she thought he was too comfortable...


Separate in subordinate relationships with adult males who protect them when the group is attacked. Tiger (p. 190) believe that it is the lonely deviant individual who rapes. Crucial to a sociobiological approach is the notion that males enhance their reproductive success by copulating with many females and preventing other males from copulating with those same females. Females are thought to enhance their reproductive success by selecting the strongest male protector and engaging in an exclusive relationship with that male. Such arguments do not account for cultural diversity, the facts of rape, or the sexual behavior of female primates. Feminist critics remind us that for a genetic propensity for forced sex to have evolved, there must be a high probability that rapists impregnate their victims. Reviewing evidence on the risk of pregnancy from rape, Ellis (1989, pp. 46-49) found that 3 of rapes are reported to result in pregnancy. Rapes involving several rapists or child-abuse cases...

Semiochemical agents

Semiochemicals are natural messenger substances which influence growth, development or behaviour in numerous plant and animal species and include the group known as pheromones, a number of which are responsible for sexual attraction in many insects. This has been successfully applied to control various forms of insect pests, either directly to divert them from crops and trap them, or indirectly to trap their natural enemies in large numbers for introduction into the fields for defence.

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