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Evaluation Of A Pediatric Airway

The first step in evaluating a pediatric airway is a directed history and physical examination. The time course of the present episode should be determined, as should a history of any recent fever, cough, or sore throat. Any history of previous airway problems should be elicited. If time permits, the history should include a review of the antenatal and perinatal periods, with an emphasis on feeding or sleeping difficulties. Any history of snoring or noisy breathing, recurrent croup or upper respiratory infections, or cyanosis or coughing during feedings should alert the clinician to the possibility of an abnormal airway.

TABLE 1153 Differential Diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure Based on Age of Presentation

COR PULMONALE If an infant presents in pure right-sided congestive heart failure, the primary problem is most likely to be pulmonary in origin. Hepatomegaly and anasarca may be present, but most often, in early stages, lid edema is the first noticeable sign. Moreover, the lid edema is likely to be appreciated by the parents more than by the physician and must be specifically searched for on examination. Often it will have to be elicited by asking Do your child's eyes look puffy If the underlying problem is bronchopulmonary dysplasia resulting from prematurity and infantile respiratory distress syndrome, the infant may already be on appropriate home oxygenation and diuretic therapy. Upper airway obstruction from hypertrophied adenoidal and tonsillar tissue can produce cor pulmonale, presenting as edema or anasarca. The clinical features of airway obstruction, however, are subtle a careful history will reveal continuous mouth breathing while awake and sleeping, with or without snoring....

Primary Sleep Disorders In Patients With Epilepsy

Of 22 patients with epilepsy who underwent PSG for evaluation of EDS with or without snoring, sleep disorders were identified in 18 (72 ) (Marsilio et al, 1997). Of these 22 patients, 12 had OSAS, with a mean apnea-hypopnea index (number of respiratory events per hour) of 23. Upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), a disorder characterized by abnormal increases in resistance of the upper airway in sleep that produce arousal, oxygen desaturation, and EDS, was found in four subjects (Guilleminault et al, 1993). Two patients were diagnosed with PLMS however, the disorder was of questionable clinical significance in one because leg jerks typically did not disrupt sleep.

Common Symptomatic Lung Sounds

Signal Lung Sound Vesicular

Rhonchi sounds are low-pitch sounds compared to wheezes and sound like snoring. They are often described as continuous sounds and usually clear after coughing. A typical rhonchi sound is shown in Fig. 7.6. These sounds are present in diseases in which the airway narrows.

TABLE 1206 Differential Diagnosis of Asthma

INFECTION Fever and focal wheezing implicate infectious etiologies such as pneumonia or bronchiolitis. Nocturnal wheezing, nocturnal cough, and poor exercise tolerance may be clues of more chronic illness. Sinusitis can exacerbate asthma symptoms a history of nasal congestion and nocturnal cough or snoring should be treated with at least a 2-week course of antibiotics and nasal steroids. Recurrent attacks, failure to thrive, and a history of sinusitis and chronic ear infections should raise suspicion of cystic fibrosis as an etiology.

Clinical Note continued

The middle-aged working population, and can occur in 35-50 of some groups, such as diabetics, the morbidly obese, or the elderly (> 65 years of age). Snoring is a mild form of upper airway obstruction, where the soft palate vibrates during inspiration at 40-60 Hz and impedes airflow. Obstructive apneas can occur during all sleep stages, however, often they are longer and result in more severe hypoxemia during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep is also called active sleep and is the sleep stage during which dreaming occurs. During REM, there is atonia (lack of muscle tone) and a general inhibition of sensory input, which inhibits afferent information from the lungs and ventilatory muscles, causing breathing to be more irregular.

Case No

The patient had additional complaints of excessive daytime sleepiness, multiple awakenings throughout the night, and loud snoring. However, no apneas had been witnessed. Her past medical history was significant for one episode of brief loss of consciousness during a motor vehicle accident. The standard 10-20 system of electrodes was placed, as well as additional electrodes to record EOG, EKG and EMG. Airflow, respiratory effort via thoracic and abdominal belts, and oxygenation were also recorded, as well as body position and snoring.


Alternatively, therapists might consider exposure-based models or systematic desensitization strategies to help patients overcome any anticipatory anxiety and fears of suffocation with regard to wearing the mask. Modeling may also be employed to demonstrate how fellow apnea patients successfully cope with the cumbersome treatment. Other treatment has focused on the reduction of snoring, sleepiness, and improvement in quality of life through the reduction of symptoms. More recently, researchers have begun to explore behavioral strategies that will assist apneics through the promotion of weight loss, avoidance of alcohol and other

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