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The Epic soccer training program was developed by Matt Smith, a former All American professional soccer player who has also trained players of different skill levels, so he knows exactly what hes talking about. This training content consists of a Pdf format workbook and 4 modules (each module consisting of between 21 and 10 videos). In fact, the program uses exercises and drills that are designed to quickly improve users touch. Unlike other programs using those soccer skills to teach people slow movements, the Epic Soccer Training system focus on dynamic touches where people are moving at the fast pace are more effective in increasing your skills. With the help of this e-guide, you will be able to get more efficient touches in a short period of time. Around 90-percent of the methods and drills provided and demonstrated by Matt Smith inside his program can be executed without the assistance of another person. Continue reading...

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Total Soccer Fitness is a guide that promises to take your soccer game to a whole new level. Not by improving your technique, but by strengthening your physique through a unique soccer conditioning program. This program teaches people how to use plyometrics safely and effectively to increase their power, speed, and their jumping ability. The program also covers the best strength and power exercises that are specifically designed for soccer, and circuit training workouts to improve endurance and flexibility. The main guide you get in Pdf format is over 160 pages long, and contains some great tips of all the major aspects of soccer fitness.

Total Soccer Fitness Summary

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Assessment of the Painful

Hip Adductor Tendonitis Mri

Occupational and recreational histories are also important, as certain sports and activities (soccer, martial arts, rugby, marathon running) have been associated with an increased incidence of degenerative hip disease in comparison to the general population.2-8 In addition, job satisfaction should be ascertained, as those dissatisfied with work may be less likely to return to their occupations after a minor injury. 4. Lundberg H, Roos H, Gardsell P. Prevalence of coxarthrosis in former soccer players. 286 players compared with matched controls. Acta Orthop Scan 1993 64 165-167.

Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Groups, and being community health workers. Children, often in mixed groups, enjoy storytelling, singing, and playing a great variety of games. Boys love to play soccer. Groups of youths, single-sex and mixed, stroll about, conversing they also like to attend dances. Watching television (as people acquire television sets and run them off car batteries) is growing in popularity and opens a window on different worlds, including programs from England and the United States.

Leadership in Public Arenas

Men and women control different parts of the village. Men control the central plaza, the caduete, and the soccer field. Women avoid these areas. Maintaining a low profile, they skirt public areas and use the back paths that connect the houses to the gardens and the river. If they inappropriately venture into the plaza, they are socially sanctioned by gossip. At times, when there are important ritual events in the plaza, the women ring its periphery, making sure not to move off the sidelines.

Exercise And The Immune Response

Exercise induces a variety of coordinated physiological and biochemical responses which dramatically alter the distribution and function of immunocompetent cells. Exercise-associated changes in hormone release, blood flow distribution, cardiac performance and substrate utilization have significant implications for the functioning of the immune system. For example, short, vigorous bouts of exercise (e.g. sprinting), sustained, strenuous exercise (e.g. marathon running), or intermittent, vigorous exercise (e.g. soccer) induce an immediate leukocytosis with white blood cell counts increasing anywhere from two- to eightfold above pre-exercise levels. Immunological changes which accompany exercise are of both fundamental and applied interest. Physiologically, exercise-associated changes in the behavior of immune cells parallel changes induced by other physical stressors, such as thermal injury, hemorrhagic shock, and surgery. From a public health perspective, exercise-induced...

Cultural Overview

Bakairi Post

The Bakairi are in regular contact with Brazilians. They frequently leave the reservation to travel, work, and make purchases. Some Indians have family members living outside the reservation, with whom they visit. In 1999 the reservation was informed that the government of Mato Grosso planned to provide electricity to remote parts of the state, such as the region in which they lived. They reported looking forward to having televisions and to watching soccer programs.

Strategic directions for knowledge

The management needs a strategic knowledge policy for the company that identifies the knowledge areas and also the dissemination of the knowledge within the company. The communications policy must ensure that the knowledge is not embedded in departments, but can be made available and integrated by the product development team. This again emphasises the need for product development to be integrated throughout the functional areas in the company. The basis for all knowledge is people, and management has to see that people with the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities are in the product development team, and that they are able to create knowledge in the project as it is needed and communicate this knowledge for future projects. Is management transmitting this to the human resources group and is it prepared to employ people with the necessary skills, and reward them for their skills Tissen (1999) suggested that these creative, innovative people need to be thought of as highly as...

Qualitative Analysis Of Kicking Technique

Imagine that you are an elementary physical educator planning a lesson on kicking as a lead-up to soccer, so you are involved in the preparatory task of qualitative analysis. In preparing to teach and qualitatively analyze kicking, you list the critical features and teaching points of the movement (Table 9.1). As students practice this skill, you are planning to evaluate these critical features and diagnose student performance using biomechanical principles. Which biomechanical principles seem most relevant to the critical features of highspeed place-kicking

Qualitative Analysis Of Dribbling Technique

Put yourself in the role of a youth soccer coach. After working on several dribbling drills, you begin a more game-like drill where one player consistently performs as in the illustration in Figure 10.2. Use the technique points and biomechanical principles in Table 10.2 to help guide your observation and qualitative analysis of Figure 10.2. What biomechanical principles are strengths or weaknesses in this performance Diagnose the performance and decide what would be a good intervention to help this player improve. Figure 10.2. A soccer player dribbling during a scrimmage. Figure 10.2. A soccer player dribbling during a scrimmage.

Gender Related Social Groups

Most island groups are gender segregated. Children form same-sex playgroups and boys, when older, organize all-male football (soccer) teams and village string bands (ensembles of guitars, ukuleles, and gut-bucket basses). During important exchange ceremonies, men and women separate into same-sex dance teams.

Osgood Schlatter Disease

This lesion is typically seen in athletic teenagers. Girl and boy athletes are both affected. Football, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and ballet can cause this injury. The anatomic lesion is the partial separation of the tibial tuberosity at the insertion of the patellar tendon. In about one-fourth of cases, it is a bilateral process. Palpation of the tibial tuberosity reveals tenderness and induration. A lateral x-ray of the proximal tibia with the knee flexed 30 degrees reveals an elevation of the distal portion of the tubercle off of the tibia. Alternatively, ultrasound can be used. Cold compresses, anti-inflammatory drugs, and stopping the offending activity is standard treatment. Follow-up with an orthopedist is advisable for this sometimes chronic condition.

Other Diseases That Mimic Traumatic Injury

Hot Hot Forensic

Children with Ehler-Danlos syndrome are not, in general, born with abnormal-appearing skin and do not develop burn-like lesions from trivial trauma. Patients with Ehler-Danlos do, however, develop large soft-tissue wounds in response to soft-tissue trauma. A blow to the tibial area (e.g., from a soccer opponent's kick or a bicycle pedal) may result in a large soft-tissue wound extending to the periosteum. The key to the diagnosis is an examination of the patient's knees most children with Ehler-Danlos have multiple scars from previous trivial soft tissue trauma. In addition, a parent may be afflicted with the disease and have similar scarring.

Fundamentals of Biomechanics and Qualitative Analysis

Examples Muscular Force

The corresponding angular variable to force is a moment of force or torque. A moment is the rotating effect of a force and will be symbolized by an M for moment of force or T for torque. This book will use the term torque synonymously with moment of force. This is a common English meaning for torque, although there is a more specific mechanics-of-materials meaning (a torsion or twisting moment) that leads some scientists to prefer the term moment of force. When a force is applied to an object that is not on line with the center of the object, the force will create a torque that tends to rotate the object. In Figure 2.3 the impact force acts below the center of the ball and would create a torque that causes the soccer ball to acquire backspin. We will see later that the units of torque are pound-feet (lb ft) and Newton-meters (N-m). Figure 2.3. Vector representation of the force applied by a foot to a soccer ball. The magnitude and direction properties of a vector are both apparent on...

Overview of the Culture

Extensive and intensive contact between the Shipibo and the hospital has been a major source of cultural change for the Shipibo as well as a major contribution to their improved health. Shipibo families came from outlying villages to reside at or near the hospital while family members received prolonged treatment for diseases such as tuberculosis and leishmaniasis. This contact resulted in exposure not only to health education but also to European customs and a Spanish language environment. These families have then taken some of their adopted customs, material culture, and language influences back to the home villages. Yet another source of cultural change at the village level was the introduction of Western-style schools. These were primarily elementary schools sponsored by missionary groups such as the Seventh-Day Adventists or bilingual schools established by the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Some educational materials included reading and arithmetic, but the curriculum had a...

Disorders Involving Medical Intervention 1 Neoplasms

A very frequent occurrence among children of all ages involves traumatic brain injury. Such injuries can occur at various levels, classified as severe (e.g., extended coma, multiple potential residua), moderate (briefer coma, typically fewer physical developmental residua), or mild (brief or no loss of consciousness). Most common causes involve automotive injuries, falls, and sports injuries. The large majority of traumatic brain injuries in the pediatric age population are typically mild concussive incidents with little or only brief loss of consciousness. Diagnosis of such injuries by standard imaging (CAT or MRI scan) or electroencephalographic (EEG) procedures are often not productive, because such procedures are not particularly sensitive to such injuries. That such injuries are important to diagnose and can have serious consequences is, unfortunately, not widely recognized. Neuropsychological examination is con-sensually recognized as the most definitive approach for determining...

Socialization of Boys and Girls

Boys and girls usually play in gender-segregated groups. In coastal towns, soccer (football) is the preferred team sport for boys and almost any round object that can be kicked will be used as a ball. Girls may practice dance steps and chase each other in games of tag. Occasionally, a mixed-sex group of children will enact some adult activity, such as a development rally or witchcraft investigation. If family resources are limited, only the boys, or one boy, may be chosen to attend formal school. Parents fear that girls who are sent to school may become pregnant and leave before they acquire enough education for the wage sector. This common scenario is responsible for the very disparate numbers of boys and girls in the educational system. In general, boys are expected to be more active, aggressive, and mobile than girls. Although all young people are expected to behave with great respect towards their elders, girls are instructed to cast their eyes down and sit with their legs pressed...

Community Recreationleisure

In addition, sporting opportunities specifically targeted for individuals with CP are organized by the Cerebral Palsy Athletic Association and the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreational Association. The Cerebral Palsy Athletic Association provides the following sporting opportunities archery, boccia, bowling, track and field, cross-country, cycling and tricycling, equestrain, powerlifting, slalom, soccer, swimming, table tennis, target shooting, and wheelchair team handball.

Nutrition for Training

Frequency of individual training sessions - the greater the adaptation that takes place. As mentioned above, nutrition is important in promoting recovery between training sessions to allow an increase in the training load that can be sustained without succumbing to illness and injury, and also in allowing more effective adaptations to each bout of training. This may be important in complex sports such as soccer, where different training objectives must be achieved and where the training must also accommodate practice of a variety of skills.


This patient was active in sports, and a member of the soccer and track teams. Initially, it was suspected that his symptoms were the result of a strain injury. However, splinting and rest did not improve his condition. The symptoms progressed, and the foot posturing began to occur when walking. Over the next year, posturing was noted in the entire leg and torso, with bending of the trunk to the right. During this time, his parents were having financial difficulties that caused an unstable home situation. The child's symptoms were attributed to a reaction to his stressful home environment, and he was referred to a psychiatrist for evaluation and treatment of a psychogenic disorder. Despite intensive psychotherapy, involvement of the other foot and leg occurred, resulting in an inability to walk, and the patient became wheelchair bound. Spasms affected his limbs, trunk, and neck. The child was referred to a neurologist. At the time of his examination, the boy demonstrated severe spasms...

Fluid Forces

Human Center Buoyancy

The next time you are at a pool, see if you can detect an increase in buoyant force with increasing depth. Hold a large sport ball (water polo, soccer, football) in one hand and gradually submerge it. Note the downward vertical force you exert to balance the buoyant force of the ball as it descends. Also note the horizontal forces you must exert to keep your hand forces balanced with the buoyant force and gravity Another simple activity is to mark the water line on a floating ping pong ball. Tape dimes to the ball and find the maximum buoyant force of a ping pong ball. Does a forcibly submerged ball have potential energy

Soccer Fitness 101

Soccer Fitness 101

Be a star on the field in no time! Get Fit For The Soccer Field In 10 Easy Steps! With soccer season looming just around the corner it’s never too early to start getting ready. Soccer is an intense game, and it’s going to take a lot of work on your part to make sure that you’re ready to stay ahead of your competition out on that field.

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