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The UV method contained in Austrian, German, Italian, Swiss laws and European regulation, standardised by Deutsche Norm DIN, European standard EN, Nederlandse Norm NEN, Russian Standard GOST, approved by AOAC, recommended by ALVA, MEBAK, IFU, A.I.J.N. and OIV (see also D-glucose and sucrose):

D-Glucose (D-fructose) + ATP - HK ^ G-6-P(F-6-P) + ADP F-6-P - PGI ^ G-6-P

G-6-P + NADP+ - G6P-DH ^ D-gluconate-6-P + NADPH + H+

Free D-fructose is mostly found in plants, where it is a very important sugar component, e.g., of fruit. D-Fructose is an important ingredient of honey; it is a sugar substitute in food for diabetics. D-Fructose is sweeter than sucrose and causes less formation of dental plaque than does sucrose. D-Fructose is a component of di-, tri- and oligo-saccharides (sucrose, lactulose; raffinose; oligo-/3-fructosanes) and is also a component of the poly-saccharide inulin. In food analysis not only the sum of D-glucose and D-fructose ('reducing sugars') is of interest but often the ratio D-glucose to D-fructose (e.g., for the detection of adulterations by the prohibited addition of 'sugar').

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