Helminth Survival Of The Immune Response

Of course, bacteria are not unique as invasive survivors of the immune response. Some of the most interesting examples are helminths, where survival, dependent on the nature of the immune response, can affect the ability to transfer disease. This is seen in Ascariasis, where in infected hosts the rise in IgE levels correlates inversely with the ability to excrete eggs. The lower the IgE, the more eggs excreted, and the worse the clinical disease. The consequence of this is that the lower the adaptive immune response, the « greater the likelihood of transmission of the disease and hence survival of g the helminth. Ascariasis is also of interest as an example in which a potent a enzyme inhibitor (an anti-aspartic protease) is produced that will interfere

< with antigen processing pathways (74). Likewise, Nippostrongylus brazilien-

5 sis has recently been shown to produce an enzyme with similar properties, suggesting that this may be a frequent helminth survival strategy (41).

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