Roadmap to Enforce New Platform Technologies

Clearly, with recent breakthroughs in these different disciplines, a unique and specialized knowledge can be established. It appears to be a matter of time and correct interdisciplinary cooperation and management to bring this knowledge together, ultimately to enable the development ofrobust, high-content drug-testing systems, devices and procedures on the basis of long-term human micro-organoid cell culture of each relevant functional human entity.

In practice, the following program should be utilized in order to achieve this final goal:

• The design of bioreactor/cell culture systems supporting architecture and homeostasis.

• The development of processes for the assembly and maintenance of all relevant human micro-organoids in the bioreactor/cell culture systems, of drug application tools and of read-out assays.

• The establishment of a sufficient human cell supply for each type of human micro-organoid and each relevant genotype.

Each of these program points has its challenges and hurdles, and these are discussed briefly in the following sections.

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