An Overview on Bioelectronic and Biosensoric Microstructures Supporting High Content Screening in Cell Cultures

Andrea A. Robitzki and Andrée Rothermel

3.1 The Potential of Drug Development and Demand on High-Content

Screening Systems 79 3.1.1 Post-Genomics or Proteomics: An Analysis of Manifold Systems and Functional Monitoring of Drugs 79

3.1.2 Pharmaceutical Research and High-Technology Platforms in the Biohybrid Technology Field 80

3.1.3 Synergy of Microchip Technology and Living Cells 81

3.2 Microfabrication Techniques to Generate Miniaturized Chip Components 82

3.3 Microelectrode-Based Techniques for Analyzing Cellular Parameters: Possible Use of Real-Time and HTS of Drugs Without Labeling 85

3.3.1 Impedance Spectroscopy: Screening the Cellular Parameters of Electrophysiologically Inactive Cells 85

3.3.2 Intracellular Recording of Electroactive Cells: Chip-Based, Automated Patch-Clamp Recording 91

3.3.3 Extracellular Recording of Electrically Excitable Cells: Multiple Site Recording of Field Potentials by MEAs 93

3.4 Concluding Remarks: Secondary Screening for Safety and Cost-Effective Drug Testing and Discovery 96 References 97

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