Cell Production and Plate Delivery 5241 The Amount of Cells Needed

In order to run a total of five hundred 384-well plates each week, 1.9 X 107 cells are needed when using 100 cells per well, but 1.9 X 10 will be needed when using 10 000 cells per well. For most assays, between 1000 and 10 000 cells per well are needed for reliable results, as using cell numbers below 100 can lead to statistical problems. Typically, 1-4 X 107 cells are harvested from one T175 flask which, for an average cellular HTS, means handling 48 to 95 T175 flasks, or 16 to 48 triple flasks or roller bottles, each week.

With a "multidrop machine" (Labsystems) or an "Aliquot" (Genetix), approximately one hundred 384-well plates can be prepared in 4-6 h under a sterile bench semi-manually.

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