The Future Toward Engineered 3D Alveolar Tissue for Cell Therapy and Pharmacological Models

The delivery of various pharmaceuticals, such as small molecules and macro-molecules via the inhalation route, is an important method of drug delivery. Two potential examples of carrier systems used for pulmonary drug delivery via inhalation are large porous microparticles and liposomes [160]. Organotypic alveolar tissue models generated using the cell sources described above, in combination with appropriate biomatrices and humoral factors, would be useful for studying the transport of drugs into alveolar epithelial cells and/or across the air-blood barrier, as well as the efficacy of novel drug carrier systems. We believe that tissue-engineered model systems of 3D alveolar tissue could expedite the formulation and testing of pharmaceuticals for diverse applications in pulmonary medicine. Future studies will involve novel technologies of cell and gene therapy for refining 3D alveolar tissue constructs as pharmacological models of lung diseases and/or for cell therapy purposes.

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