The Potential of Drug Development and Demand on High Content Screening Systems

The successful development of novel pharmaceutical products depends heavily on the employment and consolidation of powerful, already existing technologies, such as gene technology, biotechnology, combinatorial chemistry, drug delivery, regenerative therapies, and biosensor or biosystem technology. The Human Genome Project, as well as the Proteome Project, will accelerate the development and biotechnological fabrication of novel drugs and pharmaceutical compounds, which in turn will also increase the demand for feasible and reliable functional screening tools for living cells and tissues. The strongest economic growth of the pharmaceutical market is expected in China and South-East Asia by, for example, the licensing of Chinese or Asian traditional medicine and medical products. With regard to development, therefore, the modification of existing drugs, and the search for novel drugs, will result in an expansion of high-throughput screening (HTS) systems for molecule characterization and of high-content screening (HCS) modules for functional biomonitoring worldwide. These micro- and sensor system technologies seize the opportunity to provide automated, ultra-fast, highly sensitive, reproducible online monitoring systems for analytical and functional screening of drugs and medical products.

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