Nonresolving sepsis may be due to incomplete debridement, a persisting occult source of infection, or a poor patient immune response. Multiple organ failure is a feared consequence of unresolved sepsis and most commonly involves the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and renal systems. Coagulopathy, acalculous cholecystitis, and cerebrovascular accidents have also been reported (Baskin et al. 1990). Myositis and myonecro-sis of the upper thigh may occur as a result of sepsis from subcutaneous testicular pouches made during the first rather than secondary debridement (Choe et al. 2001).

Late complications include the following:

Chordee, painful erections, and erectile dysfunction

Infertility as a result of burying the testes in thigh pouches (high temperature)

• Squamous cell carcinoma in the scar tissue (Chin-tamani et al. 2004)

Contractures due to prolonged immobilization

• Depression secondary to dysmorphic body changes Loss of income and disruption of family life due to prolonged hospitalization

Lymphodema of the legs secondary to pelvic de-bridement and subsequent thrombophlebitis.

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