Colorectal Surgery

The introduction of laparoscopy to colorectal surgery extended benefits of minimally invasive techniques to this arena. These benefits include shorter hospital stay, earlier return to activities, etc. A robotic-assisted approach in the field of colorectal surgery is very promising, even though the current experience is very limited. There are reports on right hemicolectomy, sigmoid colectomy, rectopexy, anterior resection, and abdomi-noperineal resection [21-23]. Surgeons agree that the robot can be very useful in rectal surgery. Fazio et al., from the Cleveland Clinic, compared robotic with lap-aroscopic approaches for colectomy in a small group of patients; they concluded that robotic colectomy is feasible and safe, but operative time is increased [24]. In conclusion, robotic assistance, as in others fields of surgery, may facilitate complex colorectal surgeries, but more experience is still necessary.

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