Endoscopic surgery has some systematic disadvantages, which have resulted in a relatively high complication rate in the starting phase of the application. Instruments that are more sophisticated and complex have been designed to compensate for the principle disadvantages of endoscopic surgery. The result of these new instruments is that endoscopic surgery can be performed much more precisely and much safer today.

It is, for example, clear today that the blood loss in endoscopic surgery is significantly less compared with open surgery because new hemostatic devices have been designed that permit dissection with minimum blood loss. Some years ago, companies started to design new devices for hemostatic dissection, based on the experience of endoscopic and open surgery.

The integration of more and more advanced technologies into combination instruments such as the FTRD device will in the future also allow the performing of procedures on an outpatient basis instead of highly complex laparoscopic colonic resections, which still have clear risks in the area of wound-healing problems at the anastomosis.

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