The world of surgery, having so long been isolated from computers, is evolving. The adoption of robotic technology is widespread. It covers the spectrum of surgical specialties and crosses international boundaries. More than 10,000 operations have been performed using the da VinciĀ® surgical system. General surgeons, urologists, neurosurgeons, thoracic surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, gynecologists, and vascular surgeons alike are using the system. The range of robotic cases ranges from the simplest cholecystectomy to the most complex mitral valve repair. An informal survey conducted in 2004 by our university showed that approximately 200 systems in the United States, 60 systems in Europe, and 6 systems in Asia are currently in clinical use. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, we have performed more than 300 robotic-assisted procedures (Table 9.1). In this chapter, we review the current application of robotics in general surgery.

Table 9.1 Robotic-assisted procedures performed at the University of Illinois

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