Tremendous acceleration and changes in our daily medical practice are occurring. Both as doctors and ordinary citizens, we are aware of living in a world more and more inEuenced by information technology. In surgery, this revolution has brought about a dramatic acceleration of the introduction of new devices, techniques, and procedures that are changing patients' treatment and destiny. In the last 30 years, innovation has developed exponentially, forcing both current and future generations to deal with new technologies such as microsurgery or laparoscopy, and informatics. Meanwhile, the old surgical approach still needs to be learned and mastered for patients' safety.

Therefore, we decided to oEer this book to illustrate to the practicing surgeon, who has precious little time to keep up with these rapid changes, what the important emerging technologies are that could aEect his or her practice in the next 10-20 years. We approached this eEort with the expectation that this book will serve as a useful reference to introduce surgeons of every generation to the principles of new technologies, and to familiarize them with those new procedures and de vices that seem to belong to the future but in reality are being implemented now. Because time and resources are not inEnite for the surgeon, both in everyday life and in their busy practice, we hope this monograph will contribute to their ability to select those innovations that will positively impact on his or her practice.

To that end, we have invited eminent surgeons who are experts on emerging procedures and signiEcant advances in their respective Eelds to participate. We have been fortunate to assemble authors who are acknowledged authorities in these areas, both in clinical practice as well as in surgical education. We are grateful to them for their essential contributions, to bring together, outline, and illustrate the future trends. We are especially indebted to Dr. Manzelli for his invaluable support during the preparation of this work. We are proud to have the privilege to stand on the shoulders of these giants.

Richard M. Satava, Seattle Achille L. Gaspari, Roma Nicola Di Lorenzo, Roma

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