Robotic Assisted Adjustable Gastric Banding

Robotic-assisted adjustable gastric banding is also performed at select institutions. Three of 11 surveyed robotic-assisted bariatric surgeons in the United States were using the da VinciĀ® System in 2003 [4]. At the University of Illinois at Chicago, we began randomizing patients to robotic or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding placement in 2001. We found similar outcomes in length of hospital stay and weight loss, although the operative time was significantly longer in the robotic group [4]. In our experience, we were able to distinguish the advantages of the robotic approach from the disadvantage of increased operative time. It was apparent that patients with BMI greater than 60 would benefit most. In these patients, the increased torque on conventional laparoscopic instruments makes precise operative technique vastly more difficult. Robotic instruments are thicker (8 mm), and the mechanical system is able to deliver more force while operating in these patients with thick abdominal walls. The mechanical power provided by the robotic system provides relief to the operating surgeon, eliminating the struggle to maintain instrument position or counter the torque from rotating instruments around the fixed pivot point. In addition, the increased intra-abdominal fat content and size of the viscera, especially the liver, in these patients leaves a much smaller operative field. In this situation, the robotic manipulation of the articulating instruments in small working areas provides significant advantage. Given these observations, we are currently using the robotic system in patients with a BMI greater than 60.

Virtual Gastric Banding

Virtual Gastric Banding

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Audio Programm that teaches your mind to use only the right amount of food to keep you slim. The Virtual Gastric Band is applied using mind management techniques, giving you the experience of undergoing surgery to install a virtual gastric band or virtual lap-band, creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach which limits how much food can be eaten. Once installed, the Virtual Gastric Band creates the sensation of having a smaller stomach that is easily filled and satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

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