Premenopausal women

1. No atypia. Endometrial hyperplasia without atypia is treated with medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) 10 mg daily for 12 to 14 days each month for three to six months.

2. With atypia. Endometrial hyperplasia with atypia on endometrial biopsy is further evaluated by hysteroscopy with dilatation and curettage. If the diagnosis remains unchanged (eg, no coexistent adenocarcinoma), treatment with continuous oral megestrol 40 mg two to four times per day is initiated. Hysterectomy is an alternative for women who are not planning future pregnancy.

Natural Cures For Menopause

Natural Cures For Menopause

Are Menopause Symptoms Playing Havoc With Your Health and Relationships? Are you tired of the mood swings, dryness, hair loss and wrinkles that come with the change of life? Do you want to do something about it but are wary of taking the estrogen or antidepressants usually prescribed for menopause symptoms?

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