Antiadipogenic Factors

> catecholamines . EGF

> flavonoids

• testosterone

Figure 4 Factors exerting a direct effect on adipose mass. EGF, epidermal growth factor; GH, growth hormone; IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor-1; IL-1, interleukin-1; IL-6, interleukin-6; LIF, leukemia inhibitory factor; MCSF, macrophage colony stimulating factor; PAI-1, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1; PDGF, platelet-derived growth factor; PGF2a, prostaglandin F2a; PPARs, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors; TGF-p, transforming growth factor-p; TNF-a, tumor necrosis factor-a.

35-70% adipocytes

Stromal cell fraction

• fibroblasts

• endothelial cells •pericytes

' preadipocytes ' poorly differentiated mesenchymal cells ' very small fat cells

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