Bacterial Toxins

There are three main forms of bacterial enteric toxin:

Enterotoxin producing excess fluid secretion into the gut (cholera and some types of Escherichia co/i) Cytotoxin causing inflammation and mucosal damage (shigella and enterohemorrhagic E. co/i) Neurotoxin affecting the nervous system (botulism and staphylococcal toxin)

Some E. co/i strains produce toxin; these are dealt with under Invasive Bacteria. Red kidney bean, scombrotoxin and other fish toxins, and heavy metal poisoning are dealt with elsewhere in this book.

Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Peanuts can leave you breathless. Cat dander can lead to itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing. And most of us have suffered through those seasonal allergies with horrible pollen counts. Learn more...

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