Blood Pressure

The possible effects of dietary fatty acids on blood pressure have been explored in population studies and dietary intervention trials. With the exception of studies comparing vegetarian and nonvegetarian populations, from which there is a suggestion of a blood pressure lowering effect of diets high in PUFAs, including LA, and lower in saturated fatty acids, the results of most within- and between-popu-lation studies have generally not found significant associations. The results of intervention studies suggest that n-6 fatty acids, LA in particular, may be responsible for a small blood pressure lowering effect. However, these studies are also inconsistent, with several failing to find a significant blood pressure lowering effect.

100 Weight Loss Tips

100 Weight Loss Tips

Make a plan If you want to lose weight, you need to make a plan for it. Planning involves setting your goals both short term and long term ones. With proper planning, you would be able to have an effective guide on the steps that you want to take, towards losing pounds of weight. Aside from that, it would also keep you motivated.

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