Clinical Effects of Prebiotics

Average consumption of dietary fructans as part of a normal diet has been estimated to be 1-4 g day"1 in the US. Europeans tend to have a higher intake ranging from 3 to 10 g day-1. Many products worldwide are produced with supplemental oligosacchar-ides. Owing to the nondigestible nature of dietary fructans, the nutritional value in terms of calories and energy is negligible. The actual energy produced by these carbohydrates relates to the by-products of fermentation, specifically short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) and lactate.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Baby Fat

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Baby Fat

Many women who have recently given birth are always interested in attempting to lose some of that extra weight that traditionally accompanies having a baby. What many of these women do not entirely realize is the fact that breast-feeding can not only help provide the baby with essential vitamins and nutrients, but can also help in the weight-loss process.

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