Components of Weight at Menarche

Individual girls have menarche at varied weights and heights. To make the notion of a critical weight meaningful for an individual girl, the components of body weight at menarche were analyzed. We investigated body composition at menarche because total body water (TW) and lean body weight (LBW; TW/0.72) are more closely correlated with metabolic rate than is body weight since they represent the metabolic mass as a first approximation. Metabolic rate was considered to be an important clue since Kennedy hypothesized a food intake-lipostat-metabolic signal to explain his elegant findings on weight and puberty in the rat.

The greatest change in estimated body composition of both early and late-maturing girls during the adolescent growth spurt was a large increase in body fat from approximately 5 to 11 kg (a 120% increase) compared to a 44% increase in lean body weight. There was thus a change in the ratio of lean body weight to fat from 5:1 at initiation of the spurt to 3:1 at menarche. The shortest, lightest girls at menarche had a smaller absolute amount of fat (8.9 ± 0.4 kg) compared to the tallest, heaviest girls (12.3 ± 0.6 kg) (the mean of all subjects was 11.5 ± 0.3 kg). However, both extreme groups had approximately 22% of their body weight as fat at menarche, as did all subjects, and the ratio of lean body weight to fat of both groups was in the range of 3:1, as it was for all subjects.

Since adipose tissue can convert androgens to estrogens, the relative degree of fatness can be

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