Coordinated Services

The provision of nutrition services and prevention of further disabling conditions can be done in a variety of health care, school, vocational, home, and community settings. It is the responsibility of the family in concert with the health care team to promote nutrition care planning in these settings. More than 90% of children with CP live to adulthood; however, their life expectancy is less than that of the general population. The chronicity of nutrition problems for individuals with CP is recognized and has in part created a need for care coordination and integrated service planning to provide meaningful and cost-effective services.

See also: Energy Expenditure: Indirect Calorimetry; Doubly Labeled Water. Nutritional Support: Adults, Enteral.

How To Add Ten Years To Your Life

How To Add Ten Years To Your Life

When over eighty years of age, the poet Bryant said that he had added more than ten years to his life by taking a simple exercise while dressing in the morning. Those who knew Bryant and the facts of his life never doubted the truth of this statement.

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