Dietary Sources of Magnesium

Mg is present in all foods, but the Mg content varies substantially (Table 2). Cereals and nuts have high Mg content. Vegetables are moderately rich in Mg, and meat, eggs, and milk are poor in Mg. A substantial amount of Mg may be lost during food processing, and refined foods generally have a low Mg content. In addition to Mg content, it is important to consider the Mg density of food (i.e., the quantity of Mg per unit of energy). Vegetables, legumes, and cereals thus contribute efficiently to daily Mg intake, whereas fat- and/or sugar-rich products have a minor contribution. Some water can also be a substantial source of Mg, but it depends on the area from which the water derives.

Table 2 Mg density of foods


Magnesium density (mg/MJ)

Vegetables (lettuce, broccoli)

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