Digestion Absorption and Metabolism

Trans fatty acids are present in the diet in esterified form, mainly in triacylglycerols but those from ruminant sources may also be present in phospholi-pids. Before absorption into the body, triacylglycer-ols must be digested by pancreatic lipase in the upper small intestine. There is no evidence of differences in the hydrolysis and absorption of trans fatty acids, in comparison with that of cis fatty acids. Trans fatty acids are transported from the intestine mainly in chylomicrons, but some are also incorporated into cholesteryl esters and phospholipids.

Trans fatty acids are incorporated into the lipids of most tissues of the body and are present in all the major classes of complex lipids. The positional distribution of trans fatty acids tends to show more similarity to that of saturated fatty acids than to that of the corresponding cis fatty acids. Some selectivity between tissues results in an uneven distribution of trans fatty acids throughout the body.

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