Figure 3 Hypothetical scheme of fat, fatty acid (n-6, n-3, trans and total) intake (as per cent of calories from fat) and intake of vitamins E and C (mgday"1). Data were extrapolated from cross-sectional analyses of contemporary hunter-gatherer populations and from longitudinal observations and their putative changes during the preceding 100 years. Trans-fatty acids, the result of the hydrogenation process, have increased dramatically in the food supply during this century. (Reproduced with permission from Simopoulos AP (1999) Genetic variation and evolutionary aspects of diet. In: Papas A (ed.) Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health, pp. 65-88. Boca Raton: CRC Press.)

Table 5 n-6:n-3 ratios in various populations Population n-6:n-3


Greece prior to 1960

Current Japan

Current India, rural

Current UK and northern Europe

Current US

Current India, urban

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