BMI Systolic BP Cholesterol Smoking Fitness

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Figure 3 Relative risks (adjusted for age, family history of coronary heart disease, health status, baseline values, and changes for all variables in the figure, and interval in years between examinations) of all-cause mortality by favorable changes in risk factors between first and subsequent examinations. The analyses were for men at risk on each particular variable at the first examination. Cutoff points designating high risk are given parenthetically at the bottom of the figure. The number of men at high risk (and the number of deaths) for each characteristic were as follows: body mass index (BMI), 2691 (66); systolic blood pressure (BP), 1013 (55); cholesterol, 2212 (79); cigarette smoking, 1609 (45); and physical fitness, 1015 (56). (From Blair SN, Kohl HW, Barlow CE, Paffenbarger RS, Gibbons LW, and Macera CA, (1995) Changes in physical fitness and all-cause mortality. A prospective study of healthy and unhealthy men JAMA, 273: 1093-1098, with permission.)

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