Egg Avoidance

Eggs (both the white and the yolk) and all products that contain egg or albumen must be avoided. As well as hen's eggs, eggs of other birds such as geese, turkeys, and quails must be avoided. Eggs are widely used to make cakes and are sometimes used in the manufacture of bread. Egg wash or glaze is commonly brushed on to the surface of rolls, buns, or baps, and also bread, cakes, and pastry used in puddings (e.g., apple pie). Sweets can be a hazard because they are usually sold without information about ingredients, and egg is included in several products.

Mayonnaise normally contains egg; custard usually does not, with the exception of egg custard and egg custard tarts. Eggs are an essential ingredient of souffles and certain sauces, such as Bearnaise or Hollandaise sauce.

Egg allergy is not a reason to avoid eating chicken.

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