Exercise and Energy Balance

Energy balance occurs when the total energy expenditure of an individual equals his or her total energy intake from the diet. If intake exceeds expenditure the result is an increase in the storage of energy primarily as body fat. If intake is below expenditure, body energy content or body fat decreases.

In humans, energy is expended in three ways: maintaining the physiological functions of the body at rest, often termed resting metabolic rate (RMR); ingesting food and digesting and assimilating nutrients, or the thermic effect of food (TEF); and skeletal muscular contractions involved in spontaneous physical activity or planned exercise. Of these components, the energy expenditure associated with physical activity and exercise is the factor that accounts for the greatest variability between individuals (Table 1). In addition, energy expenditure through physical activity is the only component that may be reasonably

Table 1 Estimated daily energy expenditure (approximate) for individuals of different age, weight, gender, and level of activitya


Estimated daily energy

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