Experimental Thiamin Deficiency in Man and Measurement of Thiamin Status

In young and healthy nonalcoholic subjects, subjective symptoms appear after 2 or 3 weeks of deficient diet but urinary thiamin will already be falling (Table 3). Characteristic early symptoms include anorexia, weakness, dysthesiae, and depression. At this stage, urinary thiamin will be almost zero, ETKL activity depressed, and the TDP effect approximately 15-30%. After 6-8 weeks the only objective signs at rest may be a slight fall in blood pressure and moderate weight loss, although urinary thiamin will now be negligible and the TDP

Table 3 Effects of thiamin deficiency on urinary thiamin, the erythrocyte transketolase TDP effect, and early clinical symptoms of thiamin deficiency in human volunteers

Days of

Urinary thiamin

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