Factor VII and fibrinogen

There is accumulating evidence the factor VII is involved in arterial thrombosis and atherogenesis. The physiology of the factor VII system is intricate, not least since it can potentially exist in several forms. Activation of factor VIIc is generally achieved by tissue factor and initiates blood coagulation by subsequent activation of factors IX and X. It has been further suggested that tissue factor associated with the lipoproteins LDL and VLDL, but not HDL, may possibly generate factor VIIc activity, and a direct relationship is believed to exist between the level of factor VII complex in plasma and the dietary influence on plasma triacylglycerol concentration.

Several mechanisms have been suggested whereby an increase in plasma fibrinogen concentration may be linked to CHD. These include the involvement of fibrinogen and fibrin in the evolution of the ather-omatous plaque through fibrin deposition and in

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