Fiber Content

Compositional values for the total amount of fiber (nonstarch polysaccharides, NSP), and the different fiber fractions where available, are shown in Table 6 for the nuts and seeds discussed in this article. It can be seen that nuts and seeds contain significant amounts of fiber, similar to the amounts found in vegetables and fruit. Although nuts and seeds do contain some soluble fiber, most of the fiber in these foods is of the insoluble type, much of which is cellulose. Of the insoluble non-cellulosic polysaccharides, arabinose predominates in most nuts, although the coconut contains large quantities of mannose. Most nuts and seeds are likely to contain quite large amounts of lignin, particularly those with a tough seed coat such as sesame seeds, although actual values are not available.

Table 4 Vitamin content of selected nuts and seeds (per 100g, kernel only)
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