Figure 10 Plant sterols






Figure 11

Cholic acid 3a,7a,12a-Trihydroxy-5,3-Cholanic acid

Bile acid synthesis from cholesterol.

Chenodeoxycholic acid 3a,7a-Dihydroxy-5ß-Cholanic acid cholesterol. In brain and other nervous tissues, free cholesterol is the major component of myelin and renders the myelin sheath impermeable to electron transfer (dielectric).

Phytosterol and campesterol are the major sterols in plant tissues (Figure 10). The plant sterols and their stanol derivatives (saturated at the 5-6 carbons) along with cholestanol are active in regulating cholesterol absorption. All these sterols are consumed in the diet, and some are being added to foods as positive adjuncts to regulation of cholesterol metabolism.

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