Figure 2 Disaccharidases such as sucrase are located on the luminal side of the brush border membrane of the small intestine. From Southgate D (1995) Digestion and metabolism of sugars. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 62: 203S-211S.

It digests some of the breakdown products of starch digestion as well as sucrose. Sucrose in foods is also easily hydrolyzed under weakly acidic conditions at room temperature such that considerable hydrolysis occurs even before ingestion, e.g., in soft drinks. Hydrolysis is accelerated by heating so that much of the sucrose used in food is actually swallowed as an equimolar mixture of glucose and fructose. Conditions in the stomach are also likely to hydrolyze sucrose, further increasing the monosaccharide concentration in the chyme.

Hydrolysis within the brush border is extremely rapid and the rate-limiting step is not digestion, but the transport of monosaccharides across the entero-cyte. Sucrase, however, is located physically close to the monosaccharide cotransporter systems in the microvillus membrane.

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