Impact of Lifestyle on Dietary Intakes

Young people consume particular foods and diets for a variety of reasons, often completely unrelated to their nutritional content. These can include:

slimming or weight control (whether justified or not); peer group pressure to consume certain foods or brands; the development of personal ideology, such as the use of vegetarian diets; following a specific diet to enhance sporting prowess; or even convenience. Energy and nutrient intakes are influenced by specialized eating patterns, thus it is important to consider life-style choices when interpreting dietary survey data.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Baby Fat

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Baby Fat

Many women who have recently given birth are always interested in attempting to lose some of that extra weight that traditionally accompanies having a baby. What many of these women do not entirely realize is the fact that breast-feeding can not only help provide the baby with essential vitamins and nutrients, but can also help in the weight-loss process.

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