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39876, United States


50 mg «-tocopherol and/or 20 mg ^-carotene

30 mg ^-carotene and 25000IU retinol

15 mg ^-carotene, 30 mg «-tocopherol, and 50 mg selenium

50 mg ^-carotene and/or aspirin (alternate days)

Low-dose aspirin and/or 300 mg a-tocopherol

50 mg ^-carotene

30 mg ^-carotene or 25000 IU retinol (no placebo group) 50 mg ^-carotene (alternate days)

No significant effect on fatal or nonfatal-CHD or total strokes with either supplement Increase in deaths from hemorrhagic stroke in vitamin E group Increase in hemorrhagic stroke (+62%) and total mortality (+8%) in ^-carotene group Increase in deaths from CVD (+26%) (terminated early) Small decline in total mortality (+9%) Reduction in deaths from stroke in men (-55%) but not women No effect on fatal or nonfatal myocardial infarction or stroke No effect on CVD deaths or events (but inadequate power due to premature interruption of trial) No effect on CVD mortality

No effect of ^-carotene on CHD deaths

No effect on fatal or nonfatal CVD

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