Estimates for 2001 for all member states. Figures are deaths per 100000 per year.

mortality stratum: vie, very low child; Ic, low child; he, high child; via, very low adult; la, low adult; ha, high adult; vha, very high adult.

Data from WHO (2002) World Health Report. Geneva: World Health Organization; Ezzati M et al. (2002) Selected major risk factors and global and regional burden of disease. Lancet 360: 1347-1360.

Blood pressure Tobacco Cholesterol Underweight Unsafe sex Fruit and vegetable intake High body mass index Physical inactivity Alcohol

Unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene Indoor smoke from solid fuels Iron deficiency Urban air pollution Zinc deficiency Vitamin A deficiency Unsafe health care injections

□ High Mortality Developing countries

□ Low Mortality Developing Countries

□ Developed Countries

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