2H and 18O, S is the slope of background 2H enrichment on background 18O enrichment, n is the experiment duration in terms of the number of biological half-lives for the 2H isotope, and p is Ko/Kd.

2. Much of the deviation of the 2H and 18O data from the model for the postdose samples is cov-ariant because it relates to inconstancy of water turnover. Errors thus tend to cancel, and this considerably reduces the potential impact of variance from this source.

3. Although the analytical errors applied in this case are not the lowest reported, they are probably typical and it can be seen that they always account for much of the variance.

4. Errors consequent on background uncertainty become very important when amounts of dose are reduced, but in practice, cost always limits the amount of 18O that can be given. For this example, adequate precision in the total energy expenditure(TEE) measurement is predicted for 18O doses producing initial enrichment in the range of 100-150% rel V-SMOW.

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