Table 2 Constitutents of pancreatic juice




Establishes pH environment (pH 7-8)


Digests complex carbohydrate


Digests proteins and polypeptides


Digests proteins and polypeptides


Digests elastin


Digests proteins and polypeptides


Digests triacylglycerol


Digests nucleic acids

alkaline environment for the enzymes present in the secretion (Table 2).

Enzymes Pancreatic proteolytic enzymes are secreted in an inactive form to avoid digestion of pancreatic tissue. Once within the duodenal lumen, the main enzymes, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and car-boxypeptidase, are liberated and attack different peptide linkages in the protein molecule. Pancreatic amylase converts polysaccharides into smaller saccharide molecules, particularly disaccharide.

Pancreatic lipase is the only source for the enzymatic digestion of fat. Lipase hydrolyzes dietary triglycerides to monoacylglycerols and free fatty acids. Deficiency of pancreatic lipase results in serious fat malabsorption. Pancreatic amylase and pep-tidase deficiency is less serious since small intestinal enzymes would significantly minimize any loss of activity.

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