Linoleic - 5

7-Linolenic a-Linolenic -11


Arachidonic -49.5

EPA, Timnodonic


DPA, Clupanodonic DHA

Many plants Rumen

Rumen and milk fat Milk fat

Milk fat, coconut Milk fat, coconut Coconut, palm kernel Milk fat, coconut Most common SFA in plants and animals Animal fat, cocoa butter Widespread minor Minor in seeds Minor in seeds

Milk fat Milk fat Milk fat HVOc

Most fats and oils Most fats and oils Ruminant fat, HVOc Ruminant fat Fish oils

Rapeseed, fish oils Rapeseed, mustard oil

Minor in animals Most plant oils

Evening primrose, borage oils Soybean and Canola oils

Meat Fish oils Brain Brain Fish aNumber of carbons:number of double bonds, location of first double bond from the methyl carbon. ^Geometric isomer-A positions of double bonds. cHVO, hydrogenated vegetable oil.

double bonds are 3 carbons apart, referred to as 'methylene interrupted,' as contrasted with conjugated double bonds (Figure 3).

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