aAmount per 3 oz./85 g, lean only, cooked, except as noted.

Ln, lean and trim level; ckd, cooked; brld, broiled; rstd, roasted; brsd, braised; Lt, light; Dk, dark.

Data from USDA, ARS (2004) USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 17. Nutrient Data Laboratory Web site:

Table 3 Vitamin composition of meats and meat products3

Meat species/cut

Serving size (9)

Thiamin (mg)

Riboflavin (mg)

Niacin (mg)

Pantothenic acid (mg)

Vitamin Bs (mg)

Vitamin E (mg)


Composite, Ln 0 in., ckd, all grades Top round, Ln 0 in., brld, all grades Top loin, Ln 0 in., brld, all grades Arm pot roast, Ln 0 in., brsd, all grades 95% Ln ground beef, brld


Composite, fresh, Ln, ckd Tenderloin, fresh, Ln, rstd Center loin chop, fresh, Ln, pan-fried Shoulder, blade steak, fresh, Ln, brld Ham, fresh, Ln, rstd Lamb

Composite, Australian, Ln 1/8 in., ckd Loin, Australian, Ln 1/8 in., brld Leg, Australian, Ln 1/8 in., rstd

Australian, Ln 1/8 in., brsd New Zealand, Ln, ckd US domestic, Ln 1/4 in

Foreshank, Composite, Composite, US domestic, Ln 1/4 in., ckd Veal

Composite, Ln, ckd

Cutlet, leg top round, Ln, pan-fried

Loin chops, Ln, rstd

Shoulder, blade, Ln, brsd


Broilers, meat only, rstd Broilers, Lt meat only, rstd Broilers, Dk meat only, rstd Turkey, all classes, meat only, rstd Turkey, all classes, Lt meat only, rstd Turkey, all classes, Dk meat only, rstd Processed meats

Bacon, pork, cured, pan-fried, 1 slice Sausage, pork, fresh, ckd, 2 links Bologna, beef & pork, low fat, 1 slice Salami, beef, ckd, 1 slice

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