Significant wt loss 1st year followed by wt gain (2^-6 years) Initial improved DM control

Initial wt loss but wt gain without restriction 56-59% wt loss at 2-3years; then regain 10-20% of wt lost

57% required revisions due to inadequate weight (wt) loss 1 (9%) wound infection 54% required revision due to inadequate wt loss 1 dumping/diarrhea

1 death from uncontrolled wt gain

29-kg initial wt loss followed by 20-kg gain Postoperative wound infection DVT/pulmonary embolus 4 or 5 stools/day Diarrhea

Vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate, and iron deficiency Short-term wt loss followed by break of staple line and wt gain Death 45 days postoperatively from GI bleeding Diarrhea, severe osteopenia, anemia, hypoproteinemia

2 deaths from unrelated causes; no vitamin levels or bone density data provided

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