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Three different formulae: Oral 76-143 g protein, 2000-3716 kcal/day Oral BCAA formula: 80g protein/day through nasogastric tube 20 g casein + 30 g BCAA formula

BCAA (50%) formula

40g protein + 40 g BCAA

formula/day 50kcal/kg, 1.5 g protein/ day

2115 kcal/day including

71 g BCAA formula Standard diet + BCAA supplement (0.24 g/kg)

Casein supplement (1.5 g protein/day, 40 kcal/day/kg/day) Standard diet + casein supplement (1000 kcal/ day, 34 g protein/day) Increasing amounts of protein via standard diet (1.0-1.8 g/kg/day)

Control treatment Mortality (CTR)

Secondary end points



None Positive nitrogen balance, improved albumin, transferrin, creatinine/ height, midarm muscle, fat areas 1 death (HRF) Positive nitrogen balance, improved albumin

50 g casein/day


EXP equal to CTR, positive nitrogen balance

Standard diet (18% BCAA)

1 death (infection)

EXP equal to CTR, positive nitrogen balance

2100 kcal/day

80 g protein/day Standard diet

Standard diet

Standard diet + casein supplement Standard diet


EXP 2/17


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