CV, coefficient of variation; RQ, respiratory quotient.

25 50 100 150 200 250 Initial 18O enrichment (%0 rel V-SMOW)

I | Background (natural abundance variation)

| Post dose (biological variation)

| | Post dose (analytical error)

j^jj Background (analytical error)

— Measurement CV

Figure 4 Origin of errors and their size in DLW experiments. The line and right axis show the total CV at different isotope doses in a typical subject defined in Table 3. The bars and left axis indicate the proportion of the total variance derived from each source of error.

Table 3 Typical estimates and measurement precision in a DLW experiment lasting 14 d




2000 mol


2066 mol


0.12 day"1


0.10 day"1

Proportional error in postdose 2H

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