aAdapted from World Health Organization (1997) Vitamin A Supplements: A Guide to Their Use in the Treatment and Prevention of Vitamin A Deficiency and Xerophthalmia, 2nd edn. Geneva: World Health Organization.

bAdapted from Stoltzfus RJ and Dreyfus JL (1998) Guidelines for the Use of Iron Supplements to Prevent and Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia. INACG ILSI Press, Washington DC.

cAdapted from World Health Organization (1996) Safe Use of iodized oil to prevent iodine deficiency in pregnant women - a Statement by the WHO. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 74: 1-3.

dAdapted from the recommendations of an expert group: Fontaine O (2001) Effect of zinc supplementation on clinical course of acute diarrhoea. Journal of Health Population and Nutrition 19: 339-346.

eGive at the time of each of the three diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccinations.

fImmunization against measles provides a good opportunity to give one of these doses.

gProvisional recommendation of the International Vitamin A Consultative Group, Annecy, France, 30 October-2 November, 2000. hIf 6 months' duration cannot be achieved in pregnancy, continue to supplement during the post-partum period for 6 months or increase the dose to 120 mg iron in preganancy.

'Where iron supplements containing 400 mg of folic acid are not available, an iron supplement with less folic acid may be used. Supplementation with less folic acid should be used only if supplements containing 400 mg are not available. jWhere access to iodine-fortified salt is limited and immediate attention is needed. kIn areas where there is an elevated risk of zinc deficiency in the population.

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